‘I selected out the opener that I wanted at the store. The installer brought it with him, so I didn’t need to worry about getting all of its parts. The company installer arrived on time> he did a professional job. I am happy with the service.’ Jeffrey R.

‘I’m giving Edmonds Garage Door Repair installer a 5 star because he responded to my emergency quickly. He came right over after we talked, fixed exactly what the problem was. Nice guy, too.’ Stacy D. 

‘Before leaving, the installer made me understand how to use opener. He left the area clean and picked up. I was impressed with his service.’ -Jessica M. 

‘The nice guy taught me some basic about how to operate my garage door. I was really surprised as I did not know it before. It will be helpful.’ –Barbara

‘The garage door looks gorgeous! However, they needed to replace some parts.’ –Sara D

‘Installer took care of all it needed– Edmonds Garage Door Repair employee service was awesome.’ –Mike Cera

‘What a service. I put down the phone receiver and within an hour I heard the door bell. They take their service seriously and I am happy to see. All will be ok I hope.’ –Martin L. King

‘They responded so quickly and installed everything needed. They also teach me how to run garage door opener. I will give them ten on ten.’ – Jaina D.

‘They are simply the best, I can say. I am also convinced that the machine will run smoothly.’ –John Ether

‘I did not go any wrong by selecting the Edmonds Garage Door Repair. You can never go wrong when you hire the best.’ –Devid T.